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Thanks for visiting! My name is Emily and photography is one of my many joys. People are another...so I obviously hope to meet you very soon :)

I remember being a little girl and posing my tabby cat, Taffy, in a wicker basket. I'd sit with him until he curled up just right, surround him with blankets and stuffed animals, and then quickly run back and try to snap a picture of him--you know, before he was over it! Seems my love for photography began long ago! Well, I still have that picture--and every time I see it I smile, remembering those days with little Taffy. And I'm immediately swept back to that precious moment in time that has long since passed. Pictures have a way of doing that.

In 2007, I was bribed into leaving my hometown of Houston, Texas to study photography at Brooks Institute (strategically located in Santa Barbara, California…hence the bribery)! It was there that I would begin my career as a professional photographer and album designer. It has been such a gift to meet and build a family of clients, whom I now call friends. I have recently relocated to Nashville, and look forward to doing the same thing here!

I love how comfortable and enjoyable each session is, for both myself and my clients. There seems to always be an ease, which makes for more natural and beautiful photographs. But what I love even more, receiving those emails from my clients, sharing how the images brought tears to their eyes and thanking me for giving them a gift they will cherish for years on end. THAT is why I do what I do. And I truly love what I do, and the friends I make along the way.

Other random things about Emily....

Loves thrift store finds. Prefers porch swings over couches. Says 'watch less, read more'. Thinks notes delivered by the postman are just all out better. Writes songs. Attempts guitar. Continues to write songs (using the only 4 chords she knows). Has a mild obsession with the #33. Always drives with the sunroof open (even when it's drizzling). Feels at home in Texas, California, Florida, and Tennessee. Will take live music in an intimate setting over most things. Likes holding a coffee or a camera (or both). Loves smells and textures. Enjoys laughter. And the familiar voices of friends & family. Appreciates words. Appreciates His Word. Encourages the reading of His Word. Daily. Assures you that it changed her. Knows that the Lord has shown her grace and love beyond measure. Emily. Loves sharing the creative gifts that He has given her....with you.